Winch Out Service

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When the going gets tough, the tough get a winch-out. Winch-out service may not mean much to people until they have had to use the service of a winch-out. Before getting our winch-out services the general story starts on a weekend morning. Imagine today is Saturday, and you have planned a drive in the country with your friends. When you get to the off-road bit which leads to clearings for your picnic area, you think maybe my car can’t handle this. But it is so much easier to keep driving.

Stuck In Mud

The decision to keep driving is most likely what will lead to a winch-out. When you have gone off-road to get to that picnic destination you put the gears into drive. Well, after a rainstorm your car gets stuck in the mud. You press on the gas and your wheels spin. The car doesn’t go forward or backward; it is immovable - this is the essence of a winch-out.  Winch-out is a mixing of the elements becoming too much for our cars and unfortunate timing. Sometimes an inexperienced driver who doesn’t recognize the terrain can winch-out

Trained Drivers and Technicians

When a car first gets stuck, it can cause panic. However, no need to worry. Our services are so quick and efficient you’ll almost wonder if you were ever stuck. Whether it is mud, snow or ice, off-road, your driveway or the beach a winch-out for Mack Towing Wichita is an everyday occurrence. Our trained drivers and technicians are so well equipped with the best of the equipment that a winch-out is an easy procedure. We know exactly how to pull your car out without a scratch on it.


Yes, a frustrating experience to have your car out of your control. Yet this is why companies like us exist. With us, you will never have to be out of control because we got you. When your car is immovable and you call us, we will ask all the key questions to get the best description of the situation. This way we can bring the exact tools that will winch-out your car like pulling a glove off a hand. Our knowledge paired with the certifications excellent training and our great tools will make your customized winch-out feel like a breeze.

Winch Out Towing

When we serve you we make sure you are aware, we are here to get you through this. When we get the phone call for a winch-out we go through all the information. We will ask the make and model of your car, where the car is, and the debris stuck in.

When we collect this information, we grab the perfect tools and get to you as fasts as possible. We try to arrive in record time. We make sure you are ok. We get to work. When we finish and get the car unstuck, we make sure the car is drivable and send you on your way.