Shed Moving Service

Wichita and Augusta Shed Towing

Our Shed Moving Service is one of those things you must see to believe. Here in Wichita Kansas, we’ve seen it all. Sheds are important structures. When you invest in one for your home, it is like an addition to your home. It doesn’t have to be an addition to your property though. When you own a shed in your backyard and need shed relocation, our amazing team can do that for you. Our drivers are prepared and knowledgeable. They also own the proper equipment that is the best in the industry.

A tow truck service for sheds?

You may be asking yourself what is a shed tow truck service? Well, it is a tow truck to moves shed. If you find yourself asking “Can I get my shed relocated to another area?” We are here to tell you, yes. It’s true. You can get your shed towed. When your dream shed needs a tow all it takes is phoning us and we can talk you through exactly how it will be done. We do several times a month. Our shed tow truck service has the experience. Our shed towing skills are fine-tuned.

Why move your shed?

A shed doesn’t need a basement cement foundation to hold it into the ground. When you get a shed customized and built to your liking, you can get it how you want.  The freedom of moving your shed means the materials and design don’t get to take over your yard when constructing your dream shed. Built by whoever you want, our amazing team of drivers and trucks can relocate your shed when it is ready. In case of the opposite situation where you have built your amazing shed on your property and want it transferred to your new home, we can also assist with that


Our truck drivers relocate sheds without delay and with professionalism. Our experience in shed tow truck services goes way back. With that experience, we have gathered the knowledge and expertise you don’t get from certification alone. When you need our shed tow truck services, for relocation or for sale, we can provide you with the most professional service in Wichita. Towing sheds takes the best of equipment and the utmost care. We have the tools, consideration and work ethics exhibited in our work. When we tow your shed from location A to location B, it is like the shed walking itself.

Flatbed Trucks

When you are reconsidering locating your dream shed, you may first wonder how and if it is possible. When you know it is possible for your shed to be relocated or moved to the new area, your next question is how.  Well, with our team on hand to answer your request for our shed tow truck services. Our state-of-the-art flatbed trucks can move any shed you have with caution from one end of town to the other. Your shed will be comfortable getting a tour of Wichita or Augusta from our flatbed truck.