Sedgwick County Emergency Automotive Towing

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An emergency is, in simple terms, a situation which poses an immediate risk and which requires urgent attention. If a crisis is not attended to in time, the consequences could be dire.

One way we cushion ourselves against the uncertainties of life is by having in place mechanisms to fall upon should the aforementioned immediate risk occur.


At Sedgwick County Emergency Automotive Towing, we treat every emergency alert with the seriousness it deserves. We appreciate the fact that in many instances; we are the only hope the stranded motorists have.


To serve Sedgwick County with the efficiency it deserves, we have put the following in place:


Sufficient Resources


We do not wish to be overwhelmed any day the rate of emergencies climb up. So we have continually invested in enough mechanical and human resource to meet every situation head-on. No type of automotive towing is beyond our ability.

Whether your vehicle is half buried in a ditch or punctured all round, we have ways of towing it away without an additional scratch. No day will you be unattended to because the driver is on sick-off for we have plenty of drivers.


Timeless Service


We do not have anything to do with “closing time” for our premise is always open for business. We understand that road users themselves do not have a closing time and so an emergency can come up any time. Sedgwick County never sleeps, so why should we? 24 Hour service is the way out of this.


Down-to-Earth Staff


Our staff won’t arrive at the scene with pomp, acting like they just descended from heaven to judge you for being so careless on the road. The towing company staff comes as concerned helpers who only want to see you assisted and relieved of worry. The first question they ask how it all started and share in your predicament. Towing companies can suggest which nearest and competent mechanic can work on your vehicle. However, they let your wishes carry the day. The vehicle will finally be towed to wherever you desire it to be.


Quick Response


We would be adding no value to all emergency automotive situations if we couldn’t respond to each case fast enough. Rushing to the scene quickly is our top policy, for upon it much may depend. Some emergencies happen in peculiar. For instance, you could be driving to attend your daughter’s wedding when the vehicle engine or the battery dies. Do you wait for the never-coming towing truck or look for another transport? If you immediately look for another transport, what becomes of your abandoned vehicle? It’s the answer to these questions that drive us so fast to the scene of the emergency.




Like any other business, automotive towing has been infiltrated by dubious entities claiming to offer professional services but who end up providing low-quality services. You have to beware of this. If you wait until the day you have an emergency to look for an automotive towing company, you could end up with the wrong one. Today is the right time to begin the relationship with Sedgwick County Emergency Automotive Towing. The rest shall follow, as the night the day, if your good luck runs out.


Fun Facts: Sedgwick County is approximately 26 to 32 minutes away from Wichita, KS. Come visit Kansas Firefighters Museum when in Wichita Kansas.