Rose Hill Emergency Towing Company

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As you drive your vehicle, always hope for a safe journey with no incidents. But at the same time, you should prepare for any road inconvenience that may interfere with your travel.

Anything can happen anywhere. Once you are alive to this possibility, you’d aim always to be prepared. You should bring a spare tire, in case one of the existing ones burst while you are in the middle of nowhere.


However, sometimes, the problem might be more than you can handle on your own. If the vehicle can no longer move an inch on its own, towing is the only option. But where on earth do you get a tower?


Rose Hill Emergency Towing Company exists to rescue you from such unpleasant road incidents. When you travel, you need not worry about what would happen should your auto, bus, van or lorry become immovable, following an accident. As long as you have our contacts and reaches out to us ASAP, we waste no time getting to you.


The following are some reasons why keep our tab as you drive:


We Are Reachable


If your car or van malfunctions, and you try to contact the only towing company in your contact only to find the lines off? If you had critical engagements or stuck in an unknown location, this can be a terrible disappointment. At Rose Hill Emergency Towing Company, we ever endeavor to be accessible around the clock. Our lines remain open every day, because the nature of service we provide could cost a client a lot if delayed.




Besides towing, we offer other services like on-site repairs. Our qualified mechanics will inspect the vehicle and provide necessary mechanical support or advice before the towing. We also suggest which nearest garage you should have the vehicle towed to for repair. This can help you cut costs.

Dealing with your insurance company


Usually, towing companies are first responders - we may have crucial information to relate to your insurance company about the incident, should you press for compensation? We provide the information to your insurance company. We cooperate to the end without tiring.




Our towing equipment is modern and efficient for speedy towing. The trucks we use are reliable and cannot break down in the towing process. We also have a qualified team of operators who understand the traffic rules. Towing is a delicate affair incompetent drivers shouldn’t undertake that. Without care, the process could cause yet another accident or incident. You want your vehicle to be rescued, not to be destroyed in the towing process.




We are a highly esteemed towing company. We have over the years earned an excellent reputation across the region. The number of our clients keeps growing, and we are proud of this. It is time you joined the list so that we can get you covered. Do not wait for the day you desperately need our service; let’s get to know each other today.


Fun Facts: Did you know Rose Hill (a city) is located in Butler County and its about 29 minutes away from Wichita, KS. I suggest coming by and visit the All Star Adventures amusement park in Wichita Kansas.