Roadside Assistance Near Me

benton emergency tow service

Just as it’s not right to drive an uninsured vehicle, so is it without an emergency towing plan should an emergency occur? By taking the time to find out which towing company is nearest to you, you show you are responsible and caring for your life.

Waiting until the day of emergency is not the way to go, for much could be at stake. If you stay in Wichita or drives through it often, it is in your best of your interest to keep in touch with a vehicle towing company. Fortunately, you do not have to look far. Wichita Emergency Vehicle Towing is available to serve you if and when need be.

But why should you choose Wichita Emergency Vehicle Towing? Being near you is not the only reason why Wichita Emergency Vehicle Towing suits you. These are just some reasons why the towing company stands out from the rest:

It Covers the Whole of Wichita

You want a vehicle towing company that has mastered road geography and can reach you anywhere in Wichita. You never know when a breakdown could occur. It’s called an emergency because it’s an out-of-the-blues event. It catches you unawares. But that doesn’t mean you should not be prepared. If your vehicle is damaged following an accident anywhere in Wichita or it develops mechanical problems and won’t move, we are ever ready to come to the scene.

It is Reachable

Should you experience a vehicle emergency that requires towing, all you need to do is to notify us. We are reachable. Not all vehicle emergency towing companies are all ears around the clock. But we are different; we keep our contacts active for your convenience. If we can’t be contacted at short notice, we have no business offering emergency vehicle towing.

Our Price Are Competitive

An emergency may find you in a weak financial position, but this shouldn’t mean your vehicle will have to be forsaken by the roadside until you can meet the towing costs. We can always negotiate on the charge until we get to a figure we’re both comfortable with. We don’t take your calamity as our golden opportunity to milk you dry financially.

Good Reputation

Throughout Wichita, our towing company is preferred by many clients. This has to do with the excellent reputation we have maintained. A vehicle in our hands is safe; no part of it will be removed or tampered with, as happens elsewhere. We understand the value of integrity.



Wichita Emergency Vehicle Towing operates on a 24-hour basis. For this, you are covered all the time. Be it a day or late at night, let us know if we should come for you. Nothing prompts us to act like your distress call.

It is also wiser if you always have our numbers on your phone. This way, you get to reach out to us the moment you are in an emergency. You can also call us if your friend is an emergency and direct us to the location.