Park City 24-Hour Emergency Vehicle Towing

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Accidents happen, even with the well-laid down safety precautions. You may not want to be reminded of it, but the reality is that when you drive, anything can happen to your vehicle (let’s forget what can happen to you for today). You can lose control of your vehicle and roll, hit a tree, guardrails or anything your vehicle first come into contact with.


Frankly, these are not pleasant scenarios to think of, especially if you are driving now or about to. By the way, if you are driving now, you better stop reading, lest you are distracted. You may actualize these probabilities by self-fulfilling them.

This is not about scaring you, but assuring you that if by bad luck you find yourself in a situation, your vehicle cannot move an inch on the road, you can trust us to help you out.

Fun Facts: Did you know Park City (a city) is located in Sedgwick County and its about 15 minutes away from Wichita, KS. When you stop by Wichita, Kansas, come by and visit O J Watson Park.

 These are the benefits you get when you seek our emergency vehicle towing service:


Lack of Inconvenience


Whether it’s an accident or a mechanical fault, let us know as long as you are within Park City or its environs. If you always liaise with us, your car developing a breakdown is no reason you should fail to report working. You can leave everything in our hands as you pursue the agenda you set for the day. You won’t be inconvenienced in any way as long you give us directions to where the vehicle should be towed to.


Around The Clock Cover


Park City 24-Hour Emergency Vehicle Towing is ever on standby for any emergency that you may encounter along the road. You are not alone, wherever you drive. Our office door is never closed. Our phone lines are never turned off.


Fast Response


Since your safety and convenience could depend on how fast we arrive at the scene, we have made it a company policy to respond to any distress call as fast as is safely possible. We don’t want our clients to wait for long. Park City 24-Hour Emergency Vehicle Towing believes that a response delayed is no response.


Dependable Equipment


One question you may have asked yourself is if we possess the right towing equipment or tools that can handle your type of vehicle. This is a significant concern, for not all vehicles are the same, neither are road problems they cause similar. It could be a head-on-collision today and a burst tire tomorrow. Each needs special handling.


We have the equipment to tow your vehicle carefully without causing more damages along the way to the garage. Maybe you have heard of situations when the towing truck itself develops its own problems while in the line of duty! That never happens with us, for we regularly do checkups tests for our machines.




Our tow truck drivers are also well-trained, and they have mastered the roads so well that no place within or around Park City is beyond their reach. They drive carefully, obeying all the traffic rules while also ensuring they do not take too long in handling.