Douglass Emergency Tow Truck Service

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Everyone wishes never to suffer any vehicular inconveniences while traveling. For reasons beyond your control, you could find yourself in a ditch with your vehicular. Perhaps you veered off the road to avoid hitting a pedestrian or an animal. Maybe you avoided a head-on collision with another recklessly driven vehicle. But landing in a ditch is not the only traffic inconvenience you can experience; your car may jam and refuse to move on due to mechanical problems.

Whatever the reasons you and your vehicle are stuck, you will need our emergency tow truck services. Douglas Emergency Tow Truck Service has always stood out as the best choice for you in such circumstances. Here are the reasons why you should not hesitate to contact us.

Advanced Equipment and Tools

We have amassed a wide range of towing tools and equipment so that we can handle whichever situation that could arise. Whether it involves pulling your car or bus from a ditch or collecting its wreck, we have advanced tools to suit your particular needs. Our trucks are mighty and large enough to accommodate whatever weight your vehicle has. Nothing takes us by surprise. It is our efficiency that would take you by surprise.

Around-The-Clock Service

Suppose your car breaks down in the middle of the night in a place you are less familiar? Would you wait until morning to get a tow truck? We keep awake at night waiting for your distress call should you find yourself in the middle of nowhere at night with a malfunctioned vehicle. There are risks in these situations. Our emergency services are available round the clock.

Quick Response

It is one thing to give around-the-clock service and quite another to be able to arrive at the scene as soon as a distress call is made. If your emergency requires a quick response, you want to be assured we will get to you fast enough. We aim to send our team to you as quickly as is humanly possible.

Concerned Staff

When you experience a breakdown, your happiness could take a nosedive. You want to be consoled and comforted with kind words. Experienced towing companies approached by people who take the time to share your pain. We have trained our staff to always act with extreme care while addressing the client whose vehicle has broken down. Unnecessary jokes should not be ventured into. Our team is sensitive to these, and they go out of their way to make you feel important.



Avoid finding yourself in some road emergencies, you should always drive carefully. Obey traffic rules. Also, ensure your vehicle is roadworthy. Do not neglect to take your car to a mechanic regularly for checkups. The mechanic can detect any developing defects that could cause an inconvenience while you travel. Also, always have our contact with you so that should you need our help, you can quickly reach out.

Fun Facts: Did you know the City of Douglass is 38 minutes away from Wichita Kansas? When you are in Wichita KS, be sure to visit Museum of World Treasures.