Derby Emergency Auto Towing

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With vehicles on the road, emergencies will always occur. They range from slight mechanical problems to accidents. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot drive your vehicle, what do you do?

As a vehicle owner, you want a towing company that you can count on to provide you with the needed assistance if and when you need it. It is hard to predict when or where you may find yourself immobilized following a breakdown.

It might be in the remotest area in Derby. Derby Kansas is only 21 minutes away from Wichita, KS. But you will still need quick help. You understand that when your car stops working, there is more to one can see. It is not all about the vehicle; your safety is also at stake.

The longer the towing company takes to come, the more your safety might be at risk. Opportunistic robbers might take advantage and rob you of your money or mobile phone, leaving you with nothing to communicate. So, how does Derby Emergency Auto Towing the solution to all these?

Roads Knowledge

At Derby Emergency Auto Towing, we take pride because our tow truck drivers recognize the region like the palm of their hands. They recognize the names of the roads and the places. So if you give us a distress call and state your location, we won’t waste time trying to figure out where the scene or road you have mentioned is located. We come straight to you without further ado.

Instant Turn-up

Your life could be in danger, depending on which are you need rescuing in. We aim to respond fast enough to avoid situations where the wrong people get to you first. The fast response also can help you to proceed with your journey as your vehicle is towed to your desired location. If you were hurrying to a wedding or an appointment, the breakdown should not ruin your plans. We will take over the towing process as you look for another means of transport to help you finish your journey.

Towing Skills

A car breakdown may involve your insurance company. If you plan to seek compensation following a road accident, you should be careful about how your car is towed. This is because it could be destroyed, hampering your chances of getting compensation.

The towing company should apply all skills and techniques to move the vehicle. We have a pool of experienced tow truck drivers and handlers who ensure your car’s condition is not affected during the towing.

Helpful Suggestions

Because we know the area much better, we are in a better position to suggest towing you to the nearest garage, should you ask for one? We can also offer free suggestions on how to do the repairs in a less costly manner.


We are open 24 hours a day to answer your call should you need our help. Always be sure you have our latest contacts. The worst thing that can happen to you is not your car breaking down, but you cannot call us so we can come to save the situation.