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Man calling while tow truck picking up his broken car

We have got a reputation to upkeep. We are grateful too, for the reputation. It has been nothing but praise. When we got into this business we knew we were in it to help people out.  We are so proud and thankful that part of our tow truck business has come across. When we are helping you relocate your shed, or give you the battery service that your car needs we know that we are not fixing cars but we are helping out lives.

This business is about people and if it weren’t for people we wouldn’t have a business. Where we make great strides with our drivers giving the most professional tow truck services in Kansas, we also put a lot of our time into talking to you guys. Communication with customers has always been a priority for us. We make it clear when you phone us. We encourage all clients, current ones and potential ones to phone us. The best way to reach us is by phoning the number provided on this webpage. When you contact us during regular hours you will always reach one of our highly professional team members. They will be able to assist you in any questions you have.

Whether it is about our roadside assistance, or shed tow truck services, or light duty truck towing capacity or even our services in Augusta Kansas- no matter what the concern is, contact us. We are so very happy to get your phone calls and answer your concerns.