Benton Emergency Tow Service

benton emergency tow service

You never know when you will need the services of a towing company provider. Any incident can happen to you your while on the road. For instance, you can be involved in an accident that can leave your vehicle too damaged to be driven.

If you are in Benton and any of these incidents happen you, well, you don’t need to worry because we at Benton Emergency Tow Service got your back. We know how hard it is to find the right towing company to meet your needs.

But why should you trust us with your vehicle?


At Benton Emergency Tow Service, we only offer professional towing services. Our staffs are experienced. We treat our clients with respect. We follow the instructions.
We use the latest equipment and technology to serve you. Inadequate equipment and careless towing can end up damaging your car further.

Our staff will handle your vehicle in the best way possible. Rest assured that we won’t cause more damage to the car, as happens elsewhere with inexperienced handlers.


Since most accidents occur when you least expect it, the least you would want is to call a towing company that will keep you waiting.

At Benton Emergency Tow Service, we operate round the clock. Just call us, and we will be right there for you because we respond to your distress call. Benton is a town near the outskirt of Wichita Kansas.

We ensure that we don’t keep you waiting. We understand you have errands to run.

Our Reputation

You love your car and wants it to last longer, and so you need to choose well who handles it when it breaks down. Not every towing company is legit. They might be towers in the business of ransacking vehicles, replacing your new, high-quality spares with old ones. This is why it matters who handle your vehicle. You can trust us with your vehicle because we have helped many clients to move their cars to the required destinations without incidents.

Verifiable License

You should know it is crucial for a towing company to have a permit. Benton Emergency Tow Service is licensed to deliver outstanding towing services in Benton. We train all of our drivers and qualified to provide a range of towing solutions. You should be wary of towing companies that operate without a license.

Varieties of Towing Services

Towing situations are not all the same. This is why we diversified our services to meet unique needs that may arise. For that reason, we offer services like wheel lift towing, flatbed towing, long distance towing, short-haul towing, etc. This flexibility makes it possible for us to serve clients with different needs.


Unlike some other unscrupulous towing companies, we are not in the business to exploit you during your misery. We want to give you value for your money. We do not overcharge, even though we have made it a policy to provide our clients with satisfactory services. Do not fail to save our contacts.


Fun Facts: When you are in the town of Benton, you are 24 minutes away from Wichita County? I suggest paying a visit to the Old Cowtown Museum.