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Mack Towing Wichita - About

It wasn’t your usual creation story to a business.  We didn’t necessarily dream about towing when we were kids. But we did dream about great big trucks that could do everything we wanted them to do. That part of the vision has been around since before we can remember. The start of Mack Towing Wichita was a lot more small scale then a little kids dream. Basically we helped our friend out when their car had problems. Our friend was so thankful and impressed they told us we should do this for a living. We had already seen first hand how what we could bring to tow trucks wasn’t here in Wichita.

We wanted to raise the standard and make tow truck companies a respectful industry where professionalism always showed up when a tow truck pulled up. It was raising the industry standard that really pushed us.

We got further educated and trained and certified. We then got the best of the best of trucks and winch out parts. Our equipment is always updated so we always have state of the art tools.  Then we were hiring. You guys know our guys. We hire the true professionals for our company.

When we train our employees we go over what their expertise is and then we build on it with real life experience out on the road plus our quality policy.  We have made sure we have the best tow truck drivers, the best trucks, the best equipment and then lucky for us, we got the best clients.

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