24-Hour Towing Service near Me

benton emergency tow service

If you have ever had a road emergency, then you understand how stressful it could be if it finds you unprepared. If you are far from home, it’s even worse.

Good Samaritans are not straightforward these days. Nobody wants to trust anybody, especially along the road where anyone is seen as a potential robber.

Your vehicle insurance to cover you should you be involved in an accident. But do you remember to have contacts of a vehicle towing company with you?

Not many people consider it essential, so they suffer the double trouble syndrome when the unexpected happens.

In Wichita, Kansas, for instance, some citizens do not bother to keep a business card of any vehicle towing company. As for you, it’s time you acted smart. You may not be able to prevent emergencies, but at least be prepared to handle them.

Towing Wichita Ks is one towing company near you, which you can bank on to assist you on the day of the emergency.

Here is why

Border To Border Cover

Towing Wichita Ks covers the whole of Wichita, from one edge to another. So if you are driving through the area, consider yourself covered so long you have our contacts. No road is out of reach for us. This is why we believe we are near you wherever you are in Wichita.

Easy to Reach

We have our contacts active on a 24-Hour basis so at no time will you fail to get assistance. It would be a disaster if you have an emergency in the middle of the night out of nowhere, call our lines and only to find them out of service! You would be disappointed and may not want to rely on us again.

We don’t operate that way. However, there are vehicle towing companies right here in Wichita that acts like that. Today they are available, tomorrow not. Or they are active until sometime at night after which they close business and leave you to depend on your wits.

Well-Equipped Company

We would be of little help if we arrive at the scene of the emergency with inadequate tools or equipment. Our inadequate tools would not get your vehicle out of the ditch or turn it up in case it rolled. Maybe all your tires punctured. Do we have a backup plan to tow you without damaging the rims? So we could serve the citizens of Wichita, we have invested in suitable tools and equipment that can handle whichever emergency you undergo. Now, this takes “we are near you” to another new high level.

Valuable Advice

We have handled several vehicle emergencies. Our staffs have a good idea about how to handle each situation. We are thus in a better position to advise you about where to purchase the damaged components or which mechanic close by can fix them.


Wait until you have dependable emergency plans on your fingertips before driving. Most importantly, at Towing Wichita Ks, we are as swift as the eagle. Have our contacts with you today.