If you are looking for the best of Towing Wichita KS, let us say Welcome! You have come to the right place. In Wichita Kansas. when you have an emergency and need a tow in the middle-of-the-night, or if your car has gotten wedged in the worst kind of muck there is, you want the tow company you can trust. We’re lucky because we are the company, and we get to be the Wichita KS towing company you guys call. We are the tow company with the best reputation for courteous timely and professional service for all our clients in Wichita.

About Us

Here in Wichita Kansas when you need a tow you want the best. We know what that is like. That is how we started our Wichita towing company. A buddy of ours needed help, and we helped him. He was grateful. Recently, we needed towing help, and we realized there wasn’t anyone else we could call that was honest. We realized we were the best towing guys around the Wichita, Kansas area. We got educated and trained. We got certified and invested in bigger trucks. We operate a great crew with a top of the line equipment.



With our services, we make sure we have all towing needs covered. Our towing motto is we got you so that applies to all the things we do. Everything we do here is a service to assist you the client, and it begins with offering all the services you may need. From roadside assistance such as tire change to vehicle lockout to auto jumpstart service, dead battery service and 24/7 tow truck service, whatever your towing needs might be we got you.


24/7 Tow Truck Service

24/7 Tow Truck Service

Tow truck drivers know more than anyone that anything can happen. Your flat tire doesn’t run on a schedule. Neither will your dead battery in your car. It happens though. It also happens to all of us. At Mack Towing Wichita our 24/7 Tow Truck Service means that any time of day, any day of the week we can help you. Our trained professionals provide the same one hundred and ten percent to the job during regular work hours as they do to jobs in the middle-of-the-night.

Your new 24/7 towing buddy from Wichita KS can help you out with your Wichita towing if you are stuck. We have all the equipments necessary to get you unstuck.


Emergency Tow Truck Service

Bad things happen to even good people. You are driving and your car goes off the road in Wichita Kansas. Maybe it was to swerve from hitting an animal on the road or debris from a windstorm. Or you got rear-ended and you need to get to a garage fast for an assessment of the damage. Either way, we are here to help you get out of any sticky situation. With our emergency tow truck service, we can help tow your vehicle to a professional.

You need the right equipment towing your car in Wichita KS. We'll always have the right tools with us.

Shed Moving Service

Shed Moving Service

Sometimes being a tow truck driver is making what seems like the impossible to be possible. Life’s obstacles can feel difficult and all it may need is the right towing company with the right truck. We handle shed relocation. With our flatbed tow trucks, we can move anything you may need moving. If you need to get that backyard shed to your new house with the backyard, just call us.

Shed relocation is the norm in Wichita KS. People are always towing their shed from one location to another. Why waste a perfectly good shed when you can easily tow it like an auto transport right here in Wichita.



Mack Towing Wichita (Lock Out Service) Testimonial
"Mack Towing is the best!!! Jeremy helped my husband out a month or so ago by coming on the air force base with me to get his car unlocked. Then this morning I locked my keys in my car and called Jeremy and he came super quick!! Best service around Wichita!! Thanks so much!" Brenda C.
Trouble Red Car On Tow Truck
Mack Towing Wichita (Towing Service) Testimonial
"Great Service! It was the cheapest tow I could find, and he gave me the Wichita city flat rate of $70 even though I was slightly out of city limits.
He was a bit late from our agreed on time but it was no problem. Great towing experience considering my car was broken down." Nathan R.
Muddy Car Need Winch Out
Mack Towing Wichita (Roadside Assistance| Breakdown) Testimonial
"We had a break down in a major intersection, late at night and he arrived promptly and was very thorough and personable. Our vehicle is a show truck and he took extra care to make sure nothing was scratched or dameaged while loading/transportation/unloading. Would definitely use him again if needed and would highly recommend their services." Holly M.
Tow Truck Towing Damaged Car

Winch Out Service

One of the best parts of having a car is having the freedom to go anywhere. Your car limitations define where you can go. Nature elements (i.e. sunlight, snowstorm, flood, storm, rocks, etc.) can blur the dividing line. Having the number of towing professionals in Wichita KS can come in handy when you drive your vehicle into a patch of muddy sand too difficult to get out on your own. Mack Towing Wichita can get your car out.

Things happen and if you are prepared while traveling in Wichita KS, your towing needs will be much better served. Be proactive by making sure your cell phone is charged and your battery reserve is abundant and plenty of drinking water.

Winch Out Service Muddy Car

Roadside Assistance

When things get tough in a big city like Wichita Kansas, it usually happens on that strip of road with not a car in sight in the middle-of-the-night. Did your car battery die? Did you somehow lock your keys in your car? Did you get a flat tire from hitting a sharp object on the road? Our roadside assistance service can handle any of your roadside problems.

Not every call we towing professionals handle will be in need of a car tow to the nearest auto repair shop. Many roadside assistance can easily be fixed right then and there using the right tools.

Mack Towing Wichita - Roadside Assistance 1

Augusta Kansas

Our heart is big enough for the largest city in Kansas - Wichita. We also serve Augusta with pride. We bring the same great quality to Augusta as we do Wichita. Our Wichita reputation and hard work extends to Augusta which everyone knows it. If you are in Augusta with any towing needs, just call us.

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Contact Us Today

When it comes to customer communication we can’t get enough. We love you guys and are so pleased that you have been calling us to get your cars towed. We are the best tow truck company in Wichita because your customers are the best. With any concern at all about our services about towing or about our costs give us a call.

Phone the number provided on this website during regular business hours and we guarantee you will reach one of our highly qualified team members who will be happy to help you.